MapLink is a custom web application for your company including location-based information with city base-maps. You do not need high fix cost to own such a value-added solution.

Custom city map on your web site

MapLink can turn your web site into a location-based portal and do customized filtering of your own POI on the most up-to-date map. Your clients can use this information as a plan to access your own POI.

Beside location information, Maplink provides easy access to additional information such as working hours, services provided at those locations and instant promotions.

A solution Information Security in mind

MapLink designed to keep information security in mind. Information is stored in the central servers and integrated with techniques to keep your information yours. Together with high-quality digital base-map, MapLink allows location-based queries and matching your own data with location-based data according to given criteria.

You can differentiate your web site with MapLink to increase your visitors without making change in the content and the visual design.


No investment, multi-directional advantages

MapLink technology presents customer many advantages without investing on hardware, software and hosting:

  • Effective customer service with easy Access
  • Custom solution in accordance with your company’s corporate identity
  • Increased efficiency and POI reputation by the customers find the closest retailer or branch
  • Value-added solution for your web site. Access your own information like working-hours, POI category with eas

Benefit of Turkey’s most up-to-date and coverage map database

Multi-directional and flexible technical support

• MapLink technology presents customer many advantages without investing on hardware, software and hosting:

  • Annual service including hosting to the corporate customers
  • API set for custom development and database integration
  • 2 weeks of delivery of application after receiving the address dataset
  • Updates are customer specific. They can update their data by the account provided.
  • An address can be queried according to its street name, intersection with another street, the city and district information.
  • Slide and zoom are basic functions. Navigate on the map by moving 4 directions (left, right, up and down)
  • Optional: access a region by using the ID of the coordinate of the pre-defined point
  • Optional route planning module
  • Multiple locations pinned on the same map
  • Different categories of POI can be shown on the region
  • Fully customizable page design and data representation

Always On and Safe

MapLink has the technology to run top of many web server and map server software and responds to high number of requests. It provides 7×24 service by its flexible structure, high performance and backup abilities.

Common choice of different sectors

Infotech increased customer satisfaction using MapLink as a solution for different needs of different sectors.