004infotechinfoTelemetri, provides ability to report all the information gathered from the field to the user.
infoTelemetri allows you to monitor all the information regarding to the machines and peripheral units regardless of the environment and the distance.

These information could be: cold air storages for medicine or food, greenhouses, IT server rooms, temperature and humidity levels, network, power distribution unit and all the information of station transferred to the user, rpm counter of any machine motor, working status, fuel levels. These information can be instantly transferred and presented to the user and monitored by the computer or smartphones and alarms can be set for any values measured to get notified upon alarm occurs.

Used mostly in:

  • Cold air storages
  • Refrigerators
  • Medicine or food compartments
  • Server and IT rooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Heavy-vehicle load compartments
  • LPG tanks
  • Tankers
  • Vehicles carrying liquid or chemical substances
  • Water and petrol wells
  • Earthmovers
  • Power Distribution Units and Networks