infoServis, developed by Infotech, used for student and personnel transfer vehicles (shuttles).

infoServis at Student Shuttle:

Shuttles can be tracked by the school administration, the service company and the parents who can track only the vehicle that his child is in.

The students and the vehicles are associated in infoServis. Student addresses are marked on the map. Parent can receive information either SMS or email upon the vehicle is approaching for pick-up, the vehicle is near the school, or the vehicle exists the school on the way back at the evening.

infoServis at Personnel Shuttle:

All the personnel addresses are marked on infoServis. All the distances between those addresses are calculated as a matrix and by the criteria determined by the company:

  • Personnel may walk from his address at most 100 meters
  • Shuttle should arrive to the work location after 1 hour from the first personnel pick-up
  • Shutter can carry at most 16 personnel

Route optimization is calculated for all the shuttles to determine the optimum route.