Location-based Risk Management System

InfoRisk is a special product targeting insurance sector that needs risk management in operational decision making process. Earthquake, flood and fire risk are analyzed with a standard base-map and make it possible to use for operational and strategic purposes.

Geographical Information System data is used for decision support systems. The system uses the datasets given below:

  • Adres veritabanı (Temel Haritalar )
  • Address Database (basic maps)
  • Risk maps (fire, earthquake, flood, politic movements)
  • Workplace, House, Service Units
  • Geocoded client policy information

Used In

Risk Analysis

  • Acceptance of the policy
  • Policy pricing
  • Expertise process
  • PML calculations

Portfolio Analysis

  • Cumulative Calculations
  • Customer Analysis

Market Analysis

Risk Management Approach

Current Approach

  • Depends on past experiences and acceptances
  • Expertise is done directly in the field
  • Cumulative calculations are done according to the address structure of MIS system


  • It can never be validated
  • Resources are insufficient during busy policy acceptance times.
  • Client addresses are not completely verified.
  • Due to Turkish address structure, Cumulative Calculations cannot be validated.
  • Risks are incomparable to each other.
  • Micro-based pricing cannot be done.

Proposed Approach

  • Old policies are processed and their addresses are standardized.
  • New policies are standardized using the access-ready address database.
  • Risk data is used to prepare the micro-based risk parameters for all geographical conditions.
  • Risk data is used to calculate Assurance based (like earthquake) micro scale and macro scale PML (Probable Maximum Loss).
  • Pricing and Risk Acceptance can be done according to micro-based risk analysis.
  • Cumulative calculations can be verified because the address database is standardized.
  • Total risk for a region can be calculated geographically independent of the address.
  • Risk analysis in the office can be used as a decision support system for Risk engineers.

Services provided with this System

Necessary data-sets

  • Address database
  • Risk database
  • Marking the existing portfolio on the map

Data integration: existing MIS data transfer


  • Software integration: to enable existing MIS system to use risk and address data

InfoAnalyst Software

  • Installation, training and support


Maplink Risk Server

  • Installation, training and support

Update and Support Services

  • Update address infrastructure

Address Database
Textual and Graphical representation of:

  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Villages
  • Streets and Roads
  • Buildings and door numbers

Risk Data

Geologic Building
Seismic amplitude
Ground liquefaction
Building damage
Infrastructure damage
Flammable explosive materials
Building type

Risk Data – Fire

  • Fire and fire spread analysis tiers according to different earthquake scenarios
  • Pinpoint Flammable and explosive material points analysis tiers (chemical industry facilities, LPG, gas, chemical substance filling facilities, etc.)
  • Firefighting points
  • Safety points

Risk Data – Terrorism 

Risky policies around 500 meters of a shopping center which will affected in a probable terrorism attack.

Risk Data – Cumulative Calculations

Location-based cumulative calculations can be correctly calculated thanks to standardized address database.

Risk Data – PML Calculations

PML calculations can be done according to geographical risks.

InfoRisk Detailed Information