003infotechinfoPharma, targeted Pharmacy sector, is a custom solution for medicine tracking for medicine logistic companies.
By the help GPS units installed on the vehicles, customer can have reports on location-based information. Heat sensors attached to the units reveal temperature for the medicine, vaccine, serums as a telemetry information to the center.

While the vehicles follow their route calculated according to the traffic information of city, ETA can be monitored by the center.

Existing cold air storage temperature information can be monitored telemetrically. Any changes in the values can be notified to the user via SMS or email.
Company work density over locations, called Heat Map is determined based on the vehicle fleets daily, weekly, and monthly visits so the company can take the advantage of this analysis to bring more salesman to the regions in which they need.

Besides, companies in Pharmacy sector divided the country into bricks. Those 1001 bricks are marked on the map. Any pharmacy, hospital visit in or out of the brick, distance travelled can be reported per brick to increase operational efficiency to its maximum level.

Project costs can be balanced in 3-5 months of usage so the rest of time will be the cost savings.

Demographic information such as age, population, education status, etc. are associated with bricks and integrated into the digital map. Companies can see the age information per brick so a medicine for elder people can be distributed accordingly. By the help of such analytics, the company can save both time and cost and increase operational benefits.