005infotechinfoKargo, infoKargo, developed by Infotech is a solution for cargo and distribution companies.
By the help GPS units installed on the vehicles, customer can have reports on location-based information. Vehicle’s status information such as instant speed, idle status, and working status can be monitored from the center. Besides whereabouts of the delivery carried by the vehicle can be monitored.

Customer can mark its distribution points, region management offices, branch and transfer points on the map to take the advantage of monitoring of the vehicle with these points and the time spent.

Customer specific regions and points marked on the map so when the vehicle enter the zone or exit the zone, the exact location in the zone can also be monitored by the center.

Besides, all of those information can be shown on the web site so anyone can track its delivery. This will reduce the phone calls between the delivery company and its customers and provide maximum customer satisfaction.