infoColdChain Cold Chain Management (iCC)

003infotechinfoColdChain is developed by Infotech

to provide service to customers who need vehicle tracking cold chain management at the same time.

GPS units installed on vehicles provide location-based information and by the help of additional sensors frigorific vehicles’ temperature information can be tracked as well for the products that need cold chain management.

Vehicles are routed according to the traffic conditions and their ETA are monitored from the center.

Moreover, temperature of cold air storage and refrigerators are telemetrically monitored. Changes in temperatures result in SMS and email notification to the center.
Company work density over locations, called Heat Map is determined based on the vehicle fleet’s daily, weely, and montly visits so the company can take the advantage of this analysis to bring more salesman to the regions in which they need.

With creating unlimited point and regions, vehicles belong to the field are associated with regions, customer points, distribution channels. All actions belong to these associations such as enter to zone, exit zone, etc. can be monitored with reports.

Project costs can be balanced in 3-5 months of usage so the rest of time will be the cost savings.

Demographic information such as age, population, education status, etc. helps customer to create criteria and distribute products accordingly.