Avrupa Birliği FP7 Projemiz Başlıyor

Glove Projesi

Araçlar arası iletişim ile konum belirleme teknolojilerinin bir arada kullanımını araştırma amacı ile
yapılacak. Konum belirleme amacıyla GPS uyduları yerine Avrupa Birliğinin yeni konum belirleme sistemi
EGNOS/GALILEO kullanılacak.

PROJE Ortakları

1 – Istituto Superiore Mario Boella ISMB Italy

2 – Centro Ricerche Fiat CRF Italy

3 – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und
Raumfahrt DLR Germany

4 – Galatasaray University GAL Turkey

5 – Infotech Turkey

6 – Space Research Center SRC Poland


GLOVE is a technological STREP proposal which investigates the mutual benefits coming from the crossdomain
integration between (i) Galileo/EGNOS GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and (ii) VANETs
(Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks).
Such integration is already foreseen on vehicular On-Board Units (OBU), but has not been extensively
studied to exploit all the potential benefits of a tight coupling between the two domains.
GLOVE proposes to cover this area, in strong synergy with other research projects. The problem is split into
three steps, corresponding to the functional blocks constituting the overall GLOVE OBU:
– a GNSS receiver (OBUg) integrating also information other than GNSS signals (e.g. from VANET domain);
– a VANET transceiver/router (OBUv) benefiting as much as possible from both time and space information;
– a block (OBU^) performing the integration between Galileo/EGNOS and VANET data, expected to improve
existing vehicular services and to enable novel ones.
Expected results of the project include both theoretical (architectures, performance evaluations, analysis of
weaknesses and points of strength of the envisioned solutions) and practical ones (demonstration of the
solutions and of the related services). Both of them have a scientific relevance, as explained within Annex B,
thus adhering to the topic Galileo.2011.1.3-1. The results are also expected to widen the Galileo potential,
as stated in the call title. In particular, practically demonstrable results and prototyping have been enforced
during the negotiation phase and based on the ESR.
Remarkably, in GLOVE novel solutions are envisioned: they are specifically drawn to investigate services
which could play a key-role for Europe to achieve a strong competitive advantage in the field of GNSS
receivers and Navigation Platforms. Additionally, ETSI is informed about of GLOVE proposal which is in
favour of ETSI ITS (in particular of WG3 and WG4).