INFOTECH Infomobil Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System

Infomobil Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Systems is an internet-based solution displaying vehicle related information.

Infomobil is capable of tracking vehicles 7/24 basis with advanced reporting including over-speeding, idling status and when the customer point is reached or exited.

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Advantages of Infomobil Vehicle Tracking System

  • Optimum planning of field operations
  • Optimization on monthly gas costs
  • Increase in daily work
  • Increase in work quality thanks to optimum performance
  • Increase in work power and income with same size of the fleet
  • Security
  • Self-control
  • Safe driving and life safety
  • Decrease in number of accidents
  • Maximum adaptation to the criteria and the rules of the company with self-control

Infomobil Vehicle Tracking System is Different Because:

  • Digital Maps: Most advanced and accurate map of Turkey according to street and avenues produced by Infotech and TomTom for TeleAtlas and updated quarterly in a year.
  • Advanced reporting with demographic information and GIS analysis
  • Hosted by Oracle EXADATA, provides up to 10 times faster service.

INFOTECH infoMobil Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System Solution Packs

(*) InfoATS

InfoATS is the entry level standard vehicle tracking system solution. There is no optional packages given with this solution. Except the optional packages and advanced reporting, all features of Infomobil such as declarations, warnings, alarms and standard reporting services can be used.

(*) InfoPLUS

InfoPlus vehicle tracking solution can be enhanced with the optional packages given in the table below.


InfoPremium vehicle tracking solution contains the vehicle tracking and the standard navigation system. Two-way messaging between the center and the vehicle is enabled.


InfoATS (*)



(1) GPS Vehicle Hardware

(2) Infomobil Software

(3) Infomobil Reporting Service

(4) Density Analysis

(5) Vehicle Blockage Module_ops_

(6) Driver Recognization Module_ops_


(7) Heat Sensor_ops_


(8) Door Sensor_ops_


(9) Alarm Button_ops_


(10) Navigation_ops_



(11) Messaging service between vehicle and the center_ops_



(12) Send work order from center to vehicle_ops_



(13) Send route from center to vehicle_ops_



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Vehicle Blockage Module: Remote access to block vehicle engine. It is not possible to restart the engine after the blockage is set. SMS contains “unblock” information is enough to remove the blockage.

Driver Recognition Module It is used to know when and who used the vehicle.

Heat Sensor: It is used in order to track vehicle load compartment and cold air storage anytime. Notification is sent upon the values are below or above the pre-set levels.

Door Sensor: It is used to determine if the door is opened or not.

G-Sensör: Aracın, ani fren ve ivmelenme, sağa ve sola ani hareket ve dönüş, kaza anı gibi bilgilerinin alınması için kullanılmaktadır.

Panic Button: It is used for emergency status. Driver can easily press the button to notify the center for emergency status.

Navigation and Messaging Unit: It is integrated to the vehicle tracking hardware.

  • Standard address or POI search
  • Turn by turn navigation with voice commands
  • Two-way messaging between the center and the vehicle
  • Send work orders from center to the vehicle
  • Send location from center to the vehicle
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