Expectations on mobile content development shows that mobile services will influence more our daily life in near future. Thus, the increase in mobile service applications targeting consumer market recent years in Turkey validates this fact.

Up until now, Infotech developed many applications for corporations and now it, with its high expertise, focuses on end-user with weather condition, traffic and invoice information services.

Best Mobile Application

2004 Oracle (in between 99 countries)


Europe’s Largest Vehicle Tracking Application

  • 80.000+ Mobiles
  • 5.000+ Companies
  • 8.000+ Users

Infotech realizes those applications in use, targeted mobile operators, by its business partnerships and using its own production location-based content.

Except the mobile operators, mobile campaign product is widely used to let companies make their own promotions, develop simple services for their clients, make competitions and surveys.

Infotech Mobile Service Applications

  • Information Services
  • Turkcell Pusula
  • Turkcell Nerede 7777
  • Akbank Mobil Uygulaması
  • Bank Asya Mobil Uygulaması
  • Turkcell Havacell
  • Turkcell Yolbilgisi
  • Turkcell Eczanecell
  • FamilyFinder
  • infoSense
  • Mobil Fatura
  • Mobil Sarı Sayfalar
  • Mobil Emlak

Entertainment Services

  • SavaşMobil
  • ChatFriend
  • Kim Nerede Gör
  • Mobile Competition Applications

Corporate Services

  • Mobile Campaign
  • Resource Tracking
  • Mobile e-government services


Advantages of Mobile Services of Infotech

Location-based Services: Infotech applications benefit of mobile positioning. By this means applications become easy to use and the data presented to the user become refined. Infotech is one of the first companies in the world, integrating mobile positioning to its services.

Location-based content: Infotech is not solely the application development company but also the content provider. By the help of automatic location information, necessary content is produced and updated by Infotech.

Corporate content integration: Infotech provides huge data transfer to end-users by reflecting its corporate market expertise on mobile services. For instance, 8 million records are processed only for Istanbul by the invoice service.


Access: Infotech mobile services can be accessed from multiple channels. SMS, WAP, MSS and voice-info systems are mostly in use and as those channels develop, new access channels are added to the services.

Content: City maps, map of Turkey, corporate content, POI, transportation data, risk management data of Infotech is presented to the mobile users. Data not in Standard data sets are custom compiled according to your needs.