Business Development and Project Management Department

First priority of Infotech is to create technologies that responds customer needs and requests.

Infotech Business Development team analyses customer requests correctly to provide them the mobility and the value-added service with the right location-based data.

Customer relation management is made up with standard procedures. Prior to sales and official price offer, we introduce our self, analyze the requirements and offer a project proposal as a solution possibly together with a pilot project.

Our expert team in business development continues its project management skills actively as the relationship established during the first contact with the customer. The first contact that customer get to know will be in the process until the project ends.

Content Management Department

Generation of Location-based information is a hard process requires labor-dense, technical knowledge and ability. Content Management team produces three different quality city base maps as a standard production. Special contents are also produced for project-based detailed engineering solutions.

Produced standard base maps include streets and avenues, POIs and road information as well as address information and apartment numbers. A continuing process of producing base maps of whole Turkey goes on and the data of top 20 cities is already available. Updates of these produced maps is a frequent process and may be released up to twice for big-cities of Turkey.

Dependent on the project requirements, to determine disaster risks very special data is obtained and produced such as seismicity, micro-zoning. Reconstruction and zone data is obtained for city planning.

For customer analysis, address database cleaning and geo-coding is provided. For demographic analysis, statistical information such as population and socio-economic data is collected and compiled. For infrastructure management, electricity, telecom operator data is collected from the field for project-specific needs.

All those work is done by two sub-teams:

Office Team:

Harita mühendis ve teknikerlerinden oluşan ofis ekibinin ana işlevi, kendilerine gelen değişik ortamdaki verileri Infotech standartlarına göre sayısal içerik haline dönüştürmektir. Ofis ekibi, uydu görüntüleri, kağıt haritalar, GPS koordinatları, arazi tespit krokileri gibi çok değişik altlıklarla çalışmalar yapmaktadır.

Field Team

A fully-equipped vehicle and necessary computer hardware, a field team member contributes raw data for city base-maps, survey for special projects and valuation and evaluation studies.

Software Development Department

Location-based mobile applications are very complex solutions and requires many technologies to be engineered together. Infotech Software Development Department consists of senior computer and electronic engineers, certified with local and international trainings. Software engineers use classical database application technologies along with wireless communication, location detection, GIS and industrial special hardware.

To be able to produce world-class software, well known project management and production methodologies are applied by our software engineers. We keep up our systematic work and follow the latest technology and trends in the world.