Our Partners

Creating synergy by combining the power of different groups is a successful way in today’s competitive economy. Based on groups’ expertise and knowledge, companies that come together for joint development and/or marketing enable them to accomplish successful projects.

Infotech partners with Oracle in technology, with Turkcell in mobile communication, with TomTom for navigation and with KoçSistem for system integratio. In addition to this infotech partners with many important companies for software and location based technologies.

In todays business world partnerships between complementary companies results in stronger, more detailed, pre-integrated solutions. Infotech accepts this realty and partners with key corparates for business development and production.

Because of the several successful projects accomplished in collaboration with American, Japan and French companies, Infotech became a preferable company for making business partnership for joint business development and project implementation. Similarly, Infotech is continuing relations with most of the system integrator companies in Turkey for different projects.

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